modern sense

As a part of our philosophy, ARC believes in creating products of exceptional craftsmanship which embody creativity, beauty and functionality, with the designs drawn from the nature and cultures. As a part of green and sustainable design strategy, we also focus in employing long lasting materials to reduce long term wastage. [Read More]

secret garden

“Many of us might have forgotten…that we all have our own secret garden”

Secret garden is a secluded place hidden deeply in our heart. It is a place of serenity that will heal our hearts and souls from the journey in the uncaring world, a place where imagination can run wild and anything is possible and real. Concocted by our fond memory of childhood stories and romantic tales, secret garden will remind us that there is hope and everything is possible. [Read More]

under construction

Industrial materials and dynamic structures, celebrated by people since 1889’s Eiffel Tower, inspired an important art philosophy that became the Constructivism movement. A hundred years on, Construction Art still holds its beauty and pervasive influence on today’s art, architecture and industrial design.

This inspires “Under Construction” Collection – contemporary furniture finely constructed from wood, glass and grids of brass rods. [Read More]


"White waters plunge over shoulders of mountains. Dawn crept across fields and forests, valleys and rivers. A majestic panorama of natural habitat arranging itself purposefully, structurally."

The panorama of life becomes the base for the creation of a desk set – our workday natural habitat. This collection consists of a penholder, an eyewear holder, a name card holder, a watch stand and a ring holder, each depicting distinguished characteristic of scenery. [Read More]