ARC is a design and manufacturing company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We create architectural and interior design products.

With our track record in bronze & brass casting industry and having provided fine bronze & brass art items to retailers around the world, ARC combines traditional skills and craftsmanship with new designs and the latest technology to create living products with timeless appeal and qualities that outlive temporary trends.

Our products are individually handmade from the start to the end, making each piece special and unique.

Bronze and brass, our core materials, are also employed as a part of green and sustainable design strategy. Both materials are recyclable and widely available in the forms of architectural hardware and industrial equipment. Their high strength, resistance to corrosion and durability enable them to outperform many others materials and suitable for both outdoor and indoor placement. Their natural beauties are unlike other materials. Throughout their life, bronze and brass require no treating or maintenance with caustic or toxic chemicals.


ARC’s philosophy is to create aesthetic living products that engage sensory perceptions and emotions. ARC strives to create products that enhance one’s experience of a space, and lift the soul.

The root of our designs draws from nature and culture, mind and matter, perception and reality. We are inspired to develop products of exceptional craftsmanship which embody creativity, beauty and functionality.

ARC believes in saving the world’s limited resources and reducing unnecessary wastes, and hence ARC focuses to explore and employ green and sustainable design strategy.